10 Incredibly cool places you must see in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, a delightful mix of urban aura and nature’s sexuality is an attractive portrait of man’s imagination. This northern Indian city welcomes all travelers with its lyrically supernatural architecture, peace-loving gardens, and traditional fortresses. If you want a premium feel you can book the premium property of JW Marriott Chandigarh. From the playful Rock Garden to the sedative lake Sukhna and the memorable Capitol Complex sculpture, Chandigarh offers unforgettable illustrations that will not disappoint you. Enjoy the Shame celebration of roses, immerse yourself in the enchanting wonder of the Mughal era, the city where Hisbury thrives, lost in the numerous shopping streets and entertainment. Chandigarh is your celebration, a charming blend of human craftsmanship and natural beauty that no one forgets – here are the fascinating faces of the top ten .

1.    Rock Garden: A wonderland of whimsical art

Enter the whimsical realm at the Rock Garden – a 40-acre wonderland of eco-friendly creations that will dazzle your mind. Explore an otherworldly landscape replete with sculptures, waterfalls, and mosaics – everything you never thought could be made from recycled materials. Wipe your feet on the winding paths and secret alcoves where playful artworks designed to bring out the inner child reside. The massive stands and petite mosaics, each display, reveals the secrets of recycling and what is possible when you put your mind to it. Here, child’s play and conservation blend into a universe of potential that will leave you breathless and inspired.

2.    Nek chand’s fantasy rock garden

Made entirely of found objects, the whimsical wonderland in the Fantasy Rock Garden created by Nek Chand holds over 5,000 sculptures featuring humans, animals, and architecture. One man’s creativity and two decades of secret labor transformed a boring path into surreal rockscapes adorned with ceramic mosaics that meander through the paths . Faces peer out from towering humanoid statues as though jutting out of the stone, dancers appear poised to twirl eternally mid-spin, and evador presides over a band of scenery. Enchanting maze with miniature village, courtyards and archways. This visionary oasis teaches everyone that even society’s cast-offs can blossom when they bring their boundless imagination into play.

3.    Sukhna lake: Tranquility in the heart of the city

The still waters of Sukhna Lake present an oasis within the energy of Chandigarh’s city. This artificial lake, surrounded by gardens and tall shrubs, is a spot to relax. Float a pad on the light waves or take a leisurely stroll along the spiraling walkways. Complimentary species congestion the planet, with geese flocking to distant habitats and humans training every morning once the daybreak to welcome the sun. In the middle of the night, lovers and parents gather to admire the vibrant sunsets reflected off the iridescent façade. The portrayal of Sukhna Pond is relaxing, strengthening, and peaceful.

4.    Capitol Complex: A modernist masterpiece

Chandigarh’s crown jewel is the Capitol Complex, the ultimate monument to modernist architecture. Le Corbusier envisioned the bold lines and raw concrete structures, which defied traditional aesthetics when they were built. The Secretariat presents a massive scale juxtaposed against the High Court’s graceful proportions and the Assembly’s unique hyperbolic paraboloids . Masterfully Corbusier combined the buildings with lush greenery and creative touches, including the famous Open Hand sculpture . When visitors see the perfect synthesis of art and purpose, they are humbled at the realization of this complex’s never-ending architectural victory.

5.    Leisure valley: A garden paradise

Finally, if you need to get away from the city’s busy streets and relax in the peaceful and calm atmosphere, Leisure Valley is the perfect place. Take a slow walk along the winding paths, take in bursts of colors from the flower beds, and enjoy calming vibes. Have a picnic on the grass or relax under the tree while the sounds of nature lull you to serenity.

6.    Zakir hussain rose garden: A floral extravaganza

Experience the enchanting beauty of the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden and expect to be left speechless at the sight, as this floral kingdom is bound to take your breath away. The garden boasts over 1,600 types of roses of all colors of the rainbow. Take a stroll along well-groomed paths, breathe in the intoxicating scents, and admire the stunning exhibitions that will leave you speechless.

7.    Pinjore gardens: A glimpse into mughal splendor

Travel back in time to the Mughal grandeur with a visit to the Pinjore Gardens. The 17th-century wonder will sweep you off your feet into a regal life of opulence. Observe the water fountains and terraces trickling down artistically crafted landings that end in pavilions with ornately trimmed out roofs. Promenade through the gardens, relish the calming atmosphere, and unravel the rich history of an amazing culture.

8.    Elante mall: A shopping and entertainment paradise

Experience a wonderful day of shopping and entertainment at Elante Mall, undoubtedly the place for everyone. It will entice you with high-end fashion stores and chic restaurants, a modern multiplex, and a fun gaming space. Unwind in a lively environment, eat delectable meals, and cherish great times with friends and family at the mall.

9.    Chhatbir zoo: An animal kingdom adventure

Embark on an exciting adventure and enjoy excellent encounters with a plethora of animals at the Chhatbir Zoo. It is a vast wildlife refuge containing a wide variety of exotic species, such as regal lions, elegant tigers, and mischievous primates. Enjoy the well-kept enclosures, discover challenges to the wellness of several species, and take the most fantastic images as you make fantastic memories watching animals in the surrounding they belong to.

10.                      Manki point: A panoramic delight

Get away from the city’s hustle and bustle at Manki Point, a peaceful hilltop destination that overlooks the stunning panoramic views of the Shivalik Hills and the Chandigarh skyline. The hill stands at an elevation of over 900 meters above sea level and is a paradise for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. Breathe in the fresh mountain air, have a picnic in the heart of nature, and document some of the most memorable moments of your life with forever photographs.


If you are into architecture, a fan of nature, or will be thrilled by shopping, there is something to capture your fancy Chandigarh. For a memorable experience you can go for making the reservation of JW Marriott Chandigarh. This spunky city will blow your mind with the sheer contrast it is composed of. You’ll be left desiring every ounce of the memorable moments that are about to unfold. Pack your bag, go for a tour, and be charmed by the rhapsodies of Chandigarh.

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