5 Reasons to go for qualcomm shares

Are You Ready to Invest in a High-Tech Game Changer? Have you ever wanted to invest in a company that dictates the future with cutting-edge technologies? There is no better place for this than qualcomm share price, one of the largest players in the semiconductor and telecommunications world that can become a priceless treasure for investors looking for stable long-term growth. Here are five reasons you should immediately add QCOM stock to your portfolio.

1.   Introduce 5G technology

The US chipmaker Qualcomm is on a high-speed trajectory through a 5G revolution. The company’s Snapdragon chips and modems power the majority of leading smartphones and various other devices, taking advantage of lightning-fast data speeds and low latency. Qualcomm is far ahead in the race due to its substantial and early-stage investments in 5G R&D, making the company crucial to many OEMs who are desperate to outdo each other. The demand for 5G devices would be a boon to Qualcomm.

2.   Diverse product portfolio

Despite the fact that mobile chipsets are Qualcomm’s “golden eggs,” its product line is broad enough. The company occupies a good niche in the Internet of Things and produces chips for the production of devices such as “smart” cars, smart medicine, and remote control of household appliances. Such diversification insulates Qualcomm from the largest markets and gives the company the opportunity to participate in several areas of business, providing opportunities for high profits while reducing risks. As the world globalizes, large players with broad expertise in different areas will be the best solution.

3.   Strong intellectual property portfolio

One of the most high-value distinct possessions of Qualcomm is a large number of patents and other intellectual property rights. According to The Information: “Qualcomm has acquired or filed for more than 140,000 patents or patent applications in multiple countries”. For certain, Qualcomm is the leader among the other semiconductor producers by the number of such acquisitions. This completion allows the company to protect its innovations and technology and to constantly receive significant revenue in the form of royalties. Thus, such business units may be classified as cash cows.

4.   Strategic partnerships and collaborations

In addition to that, Qualcomm also managed to build a network of strategic partnerships and cooperation with industry leaders that secured the company’s durability in the market. For example, long-term cooperation with companies such as Samsung and Google allowed the creation of multiple technologies and innovative solutions that address the needs of both individuals and the evolving business.

5.   Commitment to research and development

Qualcomm’s steadfastness in research and development is a clear demonstration of its resolve to become and remain a technological powerhouse. The company spends a sizable fraction of its revenue on R&D to help further emerging technology, exploit already existing ones, and develop new ones. In doing so, this helps Qualcomm keep pace with developments in the volatile tech industry.


Taking into consideration its leadership in semiconductor and telecommunications markets, extensive products, IP portfolio, strategic alliances, and focus on innovation, Qualcomm has great investment potential along with other tech giants like broadcom share price has also been performing well. With the increasing utilization of 5G and the Internet of Things worldwide, the opportunities for the company’s expansion in these markets are significant.

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