5 Reasons You Need an Employment Law Attorney

Understanding the complexities of an employment law is difficult as several things are involved. Therefore, you need help from professional and experienced employment lawyers who provide the necessary guidance and support in all crucial situations. As an employee or employer, if you are still confused about hiring a lawyer at Sattiraju & Tharney, we have got you covered. This article has jotted down the top reasons to hire an employment lawyer. Here we go! 

Reasons to hire an employment lawyer 

1. Workplace discrimination 

An employment law attorney helps you to understand different legal rights and choices if you are the victim of discrimination or harassment. There are several reasons for harassment including your race and gender. To ensure that your case is appropriately documented and presented, an attorney can help file complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or other pertinent bodies.

2. Wrongful termination 

Do you feel your termination was wrong? If so, you must hire an employment lawyer. They are qualified professionals who evaluate your case and determine if there are any chances of wrongful termination. An employment lawyer will represent you in negotiations to get a fair claim. 

3. Contract and agreement disputes 

An attorney can examine the terms of any deal you are negotiating. These include: 

  • Non-compete clause
  • Severance payment
  • Employment contract

It is to make sure they are reasonable and in your best interests. An attorney can protect your rights and interests no matter you are an employer or the employee.

4. Wage and hour issue 

A lawyer with understanding of employment law can assist with matters like: 

  • Unpaid salaries
  • Overtime compensation
  • Employee misclassification
  • Other wage and hour conflicts

They can help bring legal action to recoup unpaid wages and damages, as well as file claims with the Department of Labor.

5. Navigating complex laws 

To remain out of trouble legally, an attorney can advise them on how to comply with local and federal employment rules and regulations. Lawyers can assist in creating and implementing employee handbooks and workplace regulations that go by the law and shield the company from responsibility.

Wrapping up 

If you are terminated from your job illegally, hire an employment lawyer immediately. These are legal professionals who will assess your case and find the best solutions. 

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