Choose this Asthma action plan and breathe naturally!

Choose this Asthma action plan and breathe naturally!

Whether an infant or teen, adult, or aged senior citizen, asthma can affect you without any mercy. Often folk assume that life-long inhaler dependency is the only cure available for this respiratory ailment, but that’s not true. 

The inhalers, painkillers, and other Western medications may suppress your asthma symptoms for a limited period but can not cure it completely. The best thing that can be done is to opt for a reliable pathy, or treatment option so that this respiratory disorder can be cured from the exact root causes

Asthma Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda has been proven very efficient for countless patients which involves utilizing the power of nature to provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

What is Asthma?

To be precise, it is a respiratory disease that majorly affects the airways in the lungs. The inflammation tends to occur in the airways that carry air in and out of your lungs. The respiratory paths become inflamed and narrow, where air struggles to pass, and eventually, the patient experiences difficulty breathing. 

The attacks of asthma can be life-threatening and may arise whenever a patient encounters any trigger such as a suffocating environment, contact with allergens, stress, or past trauma. If not handled with care, the patient may even pass out within a few minutes. 

Thus, it is crucial on the part of patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, seek medical assistance, and follow an effective asthma action plan based on their unique triggering factors.

Asthma Symptoms

Some of the common signs that are seen among patients with asthma are as follows: 

  1. Difficulty breathing.
  2. Pain in the chest.
  3. Wheezing, and coughing which may also contain phlegm.
  4. Fast heartbeat.
  5. Difficulty sleeping
  6. Fatigue and dizziness

Asthma Impact On Our Routine Life

Ask a patient how hard the battle is against asthma that they fight daily. Apart from being extremely painful, this respiratory concern is not confined to the physical aspect. Psychological complications such as anxiety, panic attacks, stress, etc. are also very common among asthmatics. Some of the adverse effects of asthma are stated as:

  1. Sound sleep, miles far: Sleeping is a basic necessity of the human body which works as a fuel for our exhausted system. But in the case of asthma, sound sleeping can only be dreamed of. Difficulty falling asleep, breathlessness, chest pain, cough, and unexplainable awakenings at midnight, or early morning make it very difficult for the patient to maintain satisfactory sleeping patterns. 
  1. 24*7 Tiredness: Asthma works as an energy-sucker disorder and also affects our routine work. If you have asthma, there are likely chances you might not feel like doing anything even your favourite activities like walking, jogging, cooking, or travelling. Some patients might have the desire to perform these activities, but they might lack the required energy, or strength. 
  1. Inhaler, an artificial body necessity: In chronic asthma, the inhaler no longer remains a supporter but turns out to be a burden. Although the usage of a nebulizer may fulfil your shortness of breath artificially, it can not be considered a permanent solution.  

Prolonged usage of pumps makes patients habitual and they start to carry and use these pumps, even where they are not necessarily required. Such ample dependence may cause high inconvenience to the patients, in the case when inhalers are not available to them. 

  1. Risk of inter-related diseases: Let us tell you that asthma is not confined to breathing complications. If left untreated for an extended time, it works as an open invitation to other respiratory ailments and fatal conditions such as Lung collapse, Pneumonia, Narrow bronchial tubes, or Permanent damage to the airway. 
  1. Lost concentration: Last but not least, reduced concentration power is yet another intricacy of asthma affecting routine life. It is quite normal to witness panic attacks, reduced concentration, brain processing speed, anxiousness, and low self-esteem along with asthmatics. The students and office-going peers are affected by these cognitive deficits the most. 

What to do?

To discourage serious complications, certain dietary and lifestyle modifications for asthma are advised. Apart from these basic suggestions, patients are also encouraged to follow an asthma action plan. Right from recognizing your triggers, to how to gain permanent relief, everything is explained in this plan and can be immensely helpful.

You can also consult the experts of Dr. Sharda Ayurveda, Hospital, where a personalised treatment plan is given to each patient depending upon his body Prakriti, and medical condition. The hospital is widely praised among patients for providing a natural healing approach and ayurvedic online consultaion The owner and CEO of this hospital- Dr. Mukesh Sharda, holds an incredible record for providing Ayurvedic treatment to 467 asthma patients in one day, which is a milestone in the field of healing. 

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