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The industries are evolving at an unmatchable pace. Information Technology takes the premier position when we talk about evolution. With the wave of change comes the need for skilled professionals. One such branch of Information Technology is Data Science. The sector is flourishing in terms of career. To build a robust career in your desired industry, you can now step up and upgrade your skills by opting for a professional course in Data Science. Looking at the increase in popularity of the domain, Msc in data science in India is offered by various universities. 

What is Data Science?

Data science involves the study and filtration of data. The various components of Data Science are mathematical aptitude, statistical skills, the programming languages, and business intelligence. These aspects are combined together to extract the best results. The right amount and placement of data can lead the businesses to grow horizontally with multiple benefits.

Components of Data Science

Data Science is vast. Its branches are spread out in different sections of IT. There are many integral parts in this field. Each component opens a gateway for the professional to have a blooming career. Let’s discuss below a few components of Data Science-

  • Data Analysis- 

The analysis of data is an important step. With the help of Data Science tools, it’s become easy. Since there’s a large amount of data produced every day, it’s important to analyze and decide what’s relevant for smooth functioning of the business.

  • Data Filtration-

The data is produced in abundance and it becomes difficult to track. To tackle this, the data science tools are used in filtration of the right amount of data as per the criteria. 

  • Data Mining-

It refers to the extraction and sorting of data from large data sets in order to make meaningful patterns. These help in avoiding confusions and help in making business decisions easily.

  • Data Visualization-

The visual representation of data with the help of graphs or charts comes under the data visualization. This helps in understanding the data patterns and the trends.

Apart from the above-mentioned components, there’re a few more components like data engineering, data modeling, machine learning, etc. 

Career Opportunities

The field of Data Sciences is growing tremendously. The working professionals or students can go for an online master’s degree in Data Science. Let’s throw light on the career options one can go for after doing an Msc in data science in India. 

  • Data Scientist-

A data scientist is responsible for the gathering of data, its analysis, extraction and putting the data that’s easily understandable. This leads to better decision making in the business.

  • Data Engineer-

The data engineers collect raw and unfiltered data and work on it to make it useful for further processes. The data is later used by the analysts and data scientists to perform functions on it.

  • Database Administrator-

These professionals are responsible for keeping the databases up to date. Whether the financial information or the customer information, they keep the platform in line with recent policies and latest information.

  • Research Scientist-

A research scientist’s role can be different depending on the department he’s working in. They’re behind developing new technologies and replacing the obsolete ones to keep up with the latest trends.

Apart from the above mentioned roles, a data science expert has immense job opportunities. They are high in demand and the salary offered is competitive. 

Benefits of Online Master’s Degree Data Science 

The advanced times call for multi-tasking experts. What’s a better way than upskilling while  adding to the on-field experience to prove your ability to manage multiple responsibilities. Below are the advantages of pursuing an online Master’s Degree in the domain-

  • Advanced Roles-

A working professional can pursue a virtual degree without halting the work experience. The individuals can switch to higher positions by upskilling themselves. 

  • Better Salary-

The growth in career involves 2 major factors, i.e., better job role and better salary. An online degree not only improves your skills and knowledge, but also satisfies all segments of growth in career. 

  • Impressive Resume-

Chances of getting hired increases when the resume displays all the necessary skills and knowledge. A degree or certification in the relevant field helps you excel and leaves a good impression on the evaluators.

  • Improved Decision Making-

By having a good knowledge in the domain, the professionals can improve their decision making skills. Further, this will lead to improved business outcomes and better growth of the organization.

Though there are endless benefits of  pursuing a degree online in data science, these were some major reasons driving most of the individuals to go for a virtual degree.

What To Look For In An MSC Online Degree In India?

Msc in Data Science in India, no doubt, provides an edge to the people looking forward to make a bright career in the industry. There are some things one must keep in mind before deciding where to pursue a degree. Here are the tips you must look for in a course to get the perfect learning experience without missing on anything.

  • Curriculum-

Make sure to go through the course and curriculum being offered. It must be market relevant and must cover all the aspects of Data Science.

  • Practical Exposure-

Whether or not you’re a fresher, it’s important to do some projects relevant to the degree as it displays the practical learning of the individual. It’s good for the resume.

  • Placement Team-

The placement support must be good as they link you to the recruiters. The online platform must offer you internships to improve your learning experience. 

  • Faculty-

The mentors must be seasoned and experienced in the respective fields. The students must feel comfortable in putting forward their doubts. The mentors must be able to teach at the student’s level of understanding.

  • The Cost-

The fee of the program must be justified. It must provide all the facilities and learning to the students.

The learners can compare all the above mentioned factors before making their mind up about the institution/university they plan to go ahead with. The Manipal Academy of Higher Education is UGC Entitled and NAAC A++ accredited. It meets all the above mentioned requirements and is a choice of many students and professionals.


The online master’s degree data science opens the gateway to tremendous career opportunities. Apart from the IT industry, its demand is in finance, marketing, healthcare, retail, etc. The individuals wanting to kick start their career in the domain or the one’s wanting to upskill, data science is a standardized domain. 

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