Free Excel Dashboard courses you shouldn’t miss

Excel dashboards have emerged as a decisive tool for businesses as well as individuals alike. These formidable data visualization tools allow people to present tricky data in an untangled manner, facilitating comprehension and analysis. 

With the advent of big data, Excel dashboards have observed a boost in popularity for real-time tracking and monitoring of key performance indicators. So, let’s explore all about the free Excel dashboard course and what Excel dashboard is in detail.

What is an Excel Dashboard course?

By participating in Excel dashboard courses, candidates can avail the knowledge and techniques mandatory to generate impactful and visually appealing dashboards in Microsoft Excel. The course material covers a diversity of subjects, such as data management, chart design, and aesthetic principles.

Free Excel Dashboard courses you shouldn’t miss

  1. Excel Dashboard for Beginners by Simplilearn

This is one of the free Excel courses that gives you a practical grasp of the subject. You will learn how to create attractive dashboards for data visualization and analysis and gain confidence to create dashboards to monitor the success of your team, sales figures, and other important indicators by taking advantage of our free Excel dashboard training for beginners.

The free online Excel Dashboard course includes understanding what an Excel dashboard is, what are the various elements of an Excel dashboard, what are the pros and cons of using Excel dashboards, what are Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, how to develop and utilize Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to present and interpret your data, what are slicers and timelines, how to use slicers and timelines to add connectivity to your dashboards, how to construct and format your dashboards for maximum impact, best practices for dashboard and interview questions and answers.

  1. Microsoft Excel: Beginner to Advanced

This extensive program by Udemy covers everything from the basics of Excel to newly developed features such as pivot tables, macros, and data visualization. With around 15 hours of video content, you will acquire knowledge about how to generate professional-looking dashboards using countless Excel tools and techniques. The program also includes practice exercises and quizzes to reinforce your learning. Plus, you can ingress the course on any device, making it suitable to learn at your own pace.

  1. Excel Dashboards in an Hour

In an hour, you will learn how to construct attractive Excel Dashboards. It is necessary; no other add-ins or tools are required. Under this course, you will learn how to make attractive or interactive Excel Dashboards to wow your boss and coworkers. You should be able to build Excel dashboards that are quick and easy to update. If you set them up accurately, they can update themselves (imagine being able to say that confidently in any interview) (I show you how), how to choose the right chart for your data, etc.

  1. Free Excel Dashboard Course by Excel Central

Excel Central offers a free online course on creating dashboards in Excel. The course covers topics such as data organization, charting techniques, and advanced visualizations. It also includes downloadable practice files and quizzes to test your understanding. With step-by-step commands and video tutorials, this program is perfect for beginners who are looking to gain confidence in constructing basic dashboards in Excel. 

Additionally, Excel Central delivers countless other free courses on Excel and data analysis, making it a great resource for individuals who are looking to expand their skills.  Overall, these free courses offer a comprehensive and accessible way to learn how to create effective and visually appealing dashboards in Microsoft Excel.

How to choose the best Excel Dashboard courses?

When it comes to picking up the superb Excel dashboard programs, there are some vital things that you should determine. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect course for your needs:

Look for respectable institutions: Do your research and hand-pick a course from a well-known and established institution. This will make sure that you will get high-quality and the best training.

Check the curriculum: Ensure that the program covers all the vital topics related to Excel dashboards, like data analysis strategies and visualization tools.

Read reviews: Before enrolling in a program, take some time to read reviews from preceding students. This can give you useful insights into the course’s quality and productiveness.

Look for practical exercises: The best method to learn is by doing it practically. So, always opt for courses that deliver experimental exercises and live projects to help you apply your knowledge.

Consider the instructor’s experience: Check the professor’s certificates and experience in using Excel dashboards. This will offer you an idea of how knowledgeable they are in this sector.

Look for supplementary resources: An excellent course should provide additional resources like templates, cheat sheets, or video tutorials to take you one step further in your learning.

Check for affordability: No doubt free programs are a great alternative; some paid courses may offer more detailed training at a cost-effective price. So, consider your budget and choose the program accordingly.

By following the above tips, you can select the best Excel dashboard course that meets your requirements and helps you reach your goals.

Get expert guidance

So, are you ready to advance your career by learning the Excel dashboard? If yes, enroll yourself in the Excel Dashboard course for beginners by skill-up from Simplilearn. It is focused on enlightening aspiring data scientists, data analysts, and business analysts about the opportunities in different domains. 

To know more, you can watch this video: 

🔥 FREE Online Course To Learn Excel Dashboard Design With Certificate | SkillUp | Simplilearn

The bottom line

Studying Excel dashboards is a useful skill that can benefit both individuals and companies. With the availability of free courses online, there is no excuse not to enhance your data visualization skills. 

So why wait? Start exploring these free Excel dashboard courses today and take your data analysis game to the next level! Remember, practice makes perfect, so remember to apply what you have learned and create your dashboards using the techniques and principles taught in these courses.  With continuous practice, you will soon become an expert in creating professional-looking and effective Excel dashboards. 

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