Lifter Hemp Strain Review 2024

Lifter is one of the best hemp flower strains for consumers who want a little creative lift without losing the spring in their step. As the name implies, the Lifter strain helps elevate your mood. The cannabis product can help you shed excess baggage and relax your mind, too. If you enjoy a puff or two before work to boost your focus, the weed strain will rise to the occasion. Sativa-dominant hybrid weed strains like Lifter hemp can help you feel more alert at work and improve your creativity. Are you a cannabis enthusiast who is searching for the best weed to complete your evening routines? Don’t worry.  Sometimes, all that you need to settle in for the night is a few hits of Lifter hemp flower from top brands like Cannaflower. This Lifter hemp flower review will help you better understand the strain and where to find it.

Lifter Hemp Strain Review: Genetics and Terpenes Profile

Like other cannabidiol (CBD) flower strains, Lifter traces its origins to high-yielding marijuana cultivars. A team in Oregon bred tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) out of this strain and crossed it with higher CBD plants. This technique resulted in genetically distinct high-CBD hemp buds that taste and smell great.

Regarding the terpene profile, Lifter is a myrcene-dominant strain that also contains beta-caryophyllene and humulene. Taking CBD with myrcene is thought to produce the couch lock effect, and many believe that the terpene has sedative properties. Beta-caryophyllene is another exciting Lifter terpene that interacts with the endocannabinoid system and provides anti-inflammatory health benefits. Apart from that, it also introduces a bit of spice to Lifter’s terpene profile. The terpene humulene was formerly called “alpha caryophyllene” before later being renamed after humulus lupulus (the hops plant). Studies under controlled settings have shown that humulene has antifungal and antibacterial effects.

Where to Buy High-Quality Lifter Hemp Strain

Cannaflower sells the best and most affordable Lifter hemp strains in the United States. There is a lot to expect from buying high-quality Lifter Hemp weed from their online shop. Cannaflower Lifter hemp buds allow you to unlock the greatest user experience with resonant notes of spiced earth and citrus thanks to the robust and optimum cannabinoid profile. Order your Lifter with confidence knowing that Cannaflower will provide package protection insurance. The company values superior customer service, so they take time to ensure that your packages arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition. State-certified labs regularly test the products to ensure compliance with federal rules. Get free shipping for all orders above $50.

Does the Lifter Hemp Strain Get You High?

No, smoking Lifter Hemp buds will not get you high or intoxicated. The smokable weed contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. Rather than experiencing psychoactive effects as in marijuana, you will feel more relaxed, alert, and calm after smoking Lifter.

Many people use Lifter to uplift themselves and stay functional. The hemp flower is a popular strain that is highly potent, so as long as you take the right amount, it will get you ready for bed. Please note that Cannaflower does not use pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals to grow its hemp plants. 100% organic Lifter Hemp Strain is the safest. So order yours now.

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