Netflix Black Friday Deals: What to Expect in 2023

Black Friday is rapidly approaching, making it the ideal occasion to get amazing discounts on your preferred goods and services. If you’ve been thinking about getting a VPN subscription, Ivacy VPN is here to make your internet experience more affordable, adaptable, and safe.

Were you prepared for an incredible proposal? Nope right!

But, Ivacy VPN is offering a special Black Friday promotion that’s just too good to refuse. A five-year VPN subscription can be had for as little as $1 per month for a restricted period of time. This Black Friday, Ivacy VPN—a highly regarded VPN provider with outstanding features—is going above and beyond in terms of pricing and value.

Let’s examine why this exciting offer is revolutionary in the global arena where Ivacy VPN is gearing up to break the clutter.

Why Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy VPN protects you from IPv6 leaks, offers limitless server switching, military-grade encryption, split tunneling, and more to ensure your online privacy. It also has special features like DDoS security, port forwarding, P2P compatibility, secure DNS, and an exclusive IP.

It is one of the most adaptable and large server networks available, with over 6,500 servers spread across sixty different nations.

Users of Ivacy VPN can access geo-restricted content in nations like the Philippines, Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom by selecting from a wide range of server locations and a sizable server infrastructure.

The Irresistible Pricing for Black Friday

We are sure that Ivacy VPN is quite ahead of the curve. But still, let’s compare the pricing with some other players in the market.

Ivacy VPN:

  One-month plan: : $9.95

  One-year plan: $3.99 per month

  Black Friday Special: $1 (Flat 90% off on 5 year plan + free password manager)

Nord VPN:

  One-month plan: $14.99 per month

  One-year plan: $6.99 per month

  Two-year plan: $5.19 per month

Express VPN:

  One-month plan: $12.95 per month

  Half-year plan: $9.99 per month

  One and a half year plan: $6.67 per month

So the comparison indicates that Ivacy VPN is really going to capture the headlines in 2023.

Why it is important to choose the right VPN?

It is important to think about both cost and security while choosing a VPN. Free VPNs can sound good, but they’re not as safe as paid ones because of the hazards involved, especially when using unidentified sources.

Security has always been the top priority for Ivacy VPN, a well-known VPN provider with over 10 years of reliable service. They have an excellent track record in this area. Your data is secure and your online actions are kept private thanks to the no-data-collection guarantee.

In summary,

Here’s your chance to make the most of Netflix Black Friday Deals of 2023. You can really amp up your online game by vouching for Ivacy VPN.

Regarding cost-effectiveness, the Black Friday offer from Ivacy VPN is exceptional.  By using it, you can save money while addition to safeguarding your online persona and enjoying seamless streaming.

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