Creating an Immersive Online Car Selling Platform With AI-Powered Virtual Studio

An online car platform is a website where customers and dealers can purchase and sell their vehicles online. In this digital age, such marketplaces are essential to connect with buyers offering them a wide range of vehicles. They can virtually inspect, and compare price offerings and features, etc. The automotive e-commerce market was valued at $38.67 billion in FYI 2021 globally and is expected to continue to reach $515.6 billion by FYI 2027. There is a wide range of car selling platform available for customers to search for used and new cars through an online platform, however, it may be difficult for dealers to reach potential buyers and shortlist marketplaces to make their business profitable.

This article explores how you can use AI technology to create an immersive online car selling platform that not only engages with your customers through visually appealing content but also offers you an opportunity to connect with a wider audience globally.

Why AI-Powered Digital Car Selling Platforms are Best for Marketing?

In a competitive automotive marketplace AI offers some of the best and innovative marketing solution to stay competitive. It offers solutions where dealers can offer personalized car buying process to their customers, offering virtual test drives, and provide interactive visuals and detailed information. This enhances customer engagement and satisfaction, resulting in increased sales and brand loyalty. With AI’s advanced capabilities, online car selling platforms can revolutionize their marketing strategies and create a seamless and immersive shopping experience for their customers.

Here are a few drawbacks of traditional online car selling platforms:

  • Traditional car selling platforms often involve time-consuming processes such as visiting dealerships, negotiating with potential buyers, and waiting for offers.
  • It can be challenging to find a fair price for your car as negotiations with buyers can be lengthy and subjective.
  • Selling your car through traditional platforms may require additional efforts such as car dealership advertising, meeting with potential buyers, and handling paperwork.
  • Limited reach and exposure to a smaller pool of potential buyers compared to online platforms.

Why are Car Dealership Advertisements Important?

Car dealership advertisings are important for several reasons. Firstly, they help increase the used car inventory of the dealership. Additionally, effective advertising campaigns are key to driving vehicle sales in a highly competitive market. Advertising keeps the dealership top-of-mind for potential buyers and brings in qualified customers. Moreover, car dealer ads and promotions can highlight attractive offers such as low prices, low or no up-front payments, low-interest loans, high trade-in allowances, discounts, rebates, and free or low-cost add-ons.

Here are various challenges faced in car dealership advertisings:

  • Constantly changing inventory feeds make it challenging to provide accurate vehicle details to potential customers.
  • Car advertising relies heavily on eye-catching visuals to attract consumers.
  • Creating an effective advertising strategy in a highly competitive market where consumer preferences are constantly evolving is a challenge.
  • Collecting and featuring positive customer reviews in campaigns can be time-consuming but beneficial.
  • The automotive industry’s supply and demand fluctuations, along with changing customer preferences, require marketers to adapt their advertising approach.

What is an AI-Powered Virtual Studio?

An AI-Powered Virtual Studio is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to create virtual car backgrounds and improve the online car sales experience. It provides immersive virtual car showroom experiences for customers.

The AI-Powered Virtual Studio offers the following features:

  • 100+ Virtual Car Background Options: Choose from a vast library of turntable studio, branded showroom, and storefront backdrops.
  • DIY Car Studio: Create studio-finish car images in minutes with AI’s assistance. It provides a guided car photography app to shoot anywhere and in-app validation to help you click the right images.
  • Car studio APK and IPA for merchant app integration: It allows you to create a virtual car dealership experience on your website in one click.
  • Robust Integrations: The virtual studio is integrated with all the major DMS platforms for a seamless experience.
  • Create 360 spin video in minutes: Showcase your car from every angle and inspect vehicle dents & damages.
  • Holistic Dashboard: It provides a comprehensive dashboard to track and manage every car photograph in real-time.

Features of a Dealership Management System (DMS)

  • Business management software specifically designed for dealerships
  • Manages day-to-day business activities
  • Focuses on diverse needs of dealerships such as pre-sales, sales, purchases, and post-purchases
  • Provides financial accounting capabilities
  • Helps with inventory management
  • Includes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionality
  • Assists with human resources management
  • Enhances customer experience and decision-making
  • Automates business operations and handles complex tasks efficiently
  • Can be customized to fit the specific needs of a dealership


In conclusion, as the marketplace is advance with technology, it is essential for dealerships to analysis the trend and preferences of their customers to make a profitable business. Having an AI-powered online car selling platform that elevates your customer’s shopping experience not only improves engagement but also builds brand loyalty. Spyne’s virtual studio offers some of the best AI solution for 100+ enterprises globally. They offer solutions from AI photo editing to designing virtual car studio along with APK and IPA for merchant app integration and much more. Additionally, the solutions not only helps in creating an immersive experience, but also help you manage your business through DMS integration to make informed decision and establish a profitable business.

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