Online casino Malaysia games that offer the highest payout in 2024 

By searching for online casino Malaysia games that can offer the highest payout, players will find that they can earn even more money in a shorter amount of time. High payouts in online casino Malaysia games mean that the player’s win frequency and chance are significantly boosted, the more they win, the more return of investment they can get through online casino Malaysia games.

List of games with biggest payout percentage in online casino Malaysia 

Experts in online casino Malaysia has filtered through tons of casino games offered by some of the best online casino Malaysia sites including me88, maxim88, BK8, GOD55 and more to list out some of the most popular casino games where players can win the most frequently, they include poker, baccarat, roulette and online slot games. If you are wondering which online casino Malaysia games can offer the biggest payout percentages with minimum risk, fret not, we have compiled this list just for you. All of the casino games offered here can be easily found and played at most trusted online casino Malaysia sites, all the player needs to do is sign up for an account and they can start playing right away. 

Understanding RTP of casino games

Every online casino Malaysia games come with its own RTP, high RTP would indicate that the win frequency of playing that particular game is high, hence players can expect higher rate of return when playing it. According to our research, the casino games with some of the highest RTP in the industry includes craps or dice games at 99% RTP, online slot games with 97% or above RTP as well as video poker which RTP can also go above 98%. An RTP percentage of 95% would basically mean that with every 10 MYR wagered in that particular online casino Malaysia game, players can expect an average return of 9.50 MYR. However, it is important to note that the results of every online casino Malaysia game is totally random, and the results of each round is basically independent of each other, so not receiving a return of 9.50 MYR after wagering 10 MYR in a 95% RTP casino game does not mean that you will eventually win back that particular amount if you keep playing it. 

Baccarat: an underrated online casino Malaysia game

Baccarat comes with a few variants offered on most online casino Malaysia platforms in 2024, we find that the Punto Banco variant of live casino baccarat games to offer the best payout at real money online casino Malaysia sites. The best option a player can make while playing this underrated online casino Malaysia game is to go for the dealer bet as players will find themselves winning this bet more than 50% of the time. To compare punto banco baccarat to other online casino Malaysia games, the RTP of this live casino games comes at just slightly below 99% if you play it at any trusted online casino Malaysia site. 

Blackjack makes winning simple and easy 

Blackjack is sometimes known as the highest paying online casino game. In certain online casino Malaysia sites, the blackjack table that they offer for their players actually comes with an RTP of above 99%. Winning in blackjack is simple as the rules are easy to comprehend, and players only have to make simple choices in any round of blackjack across any variant of the game. We find that playing Blackjack at me88 online casino Malaysia to be the best choice for beginner live casino players. Different variants of live casino blackjack exist across multiple live casino providers, and these variants are only differentiated through the number of card decks used by the live dealer on the table, although the number of card decks used will slightly alter the RTP of the game, we find it to be an insignificant factor. 

Craps and roulette

Craps and roulette are online casino Malaysia games where the only action the player has to take while playing the game is choosing what they want to bet on, it is sort of like horse racing but instead of horses, we have dice and a giant wheel on the table. There are more than a handful of betting options when it comes to craps and roulette, and the strategy behind winning in this type of casino game is knowing where and how much to bet when wagering. Craps and roulette can be easily played at any trusted online casino Malaysia site because they only require the player to place bets and wait for the result. We would recommend playing craps and roulette on mobile casino apps so that they can keep playing while on the go. The best online casino Malaysia site will offer craps and roulette tables that come with RTP of slightly above 98%. 

Online slot games

Online slot games are, of course, a darling for online casino Malaysia players. Slot games also come in different types, they can be megaways, progressive slots, classic fruit slots, slots with three, four, five or even six paylines, all of which come with different RTP depending on the provider as well as the online casino Malaysia site. But we can confidently say that the RTP of most online casino Malaysia sites all fall within the range of 95% (which is considered to be standard among online casino Malaysia sites) to 98% (online slot games from 918kiss, Mega888. Pussy888 and more). If you wish to go for online slot games with the highest payout, our recommendation would of course, go to progressive slots where the jackpot can go up to a few million MYR. 

Signing up with the right online casino

You should make the correct choice of only signing up with trusted online casino Malaysia sites to avoid getting scammed. Trusted online casino Malaysia sites are fair and their games are unbiased. Depositing and withdrawing funds at trusted online casino Malaysia site will also not be a hassle. To start gaming with online casino Malaysia right away, make sure that they hold the proper licenses, and then follow their instructions to create an account. 

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