Unlocking the Secret Process to Reset the Toner Cartridge on Brother DCP-L5500DN/L5850DW

Unlocking the Secret Process to Reset the Toner Cartridge on Brother DCP-L5500DN/L5850DW

In the realm of office printing, Brother printers are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. However, even the most dependable printers encounter issues, such as changing the toner cartridge or installing a toner message. Fear not, as there exists a secret procedure to reset the toner cartridge on Brother DCP-L5500DN/L5850DW printers. This article unveils this clandestine process, empowering users to overcome the pesky toner-low message and resume uninterrupted printing. Keep reading to learn about the secret procedure to reset toner on the cartridge on brother DCP-L5500DN/L5850DW printers.

Steps to Unlock the Secret Procedure to Reset Toner 

When faced with the dreaded toner replacement message on your Brother DCP-L5500DN/L5850DW printer, fear not, as the solution lies in a clandestine procedure. You need to follow these steps diligently to reset the toner cartridge and banish the message:

Step 1: Open Cartridge Door

Initiate the process by opening the cartridge door of your Brother printer. Accessing the internals is the first step toward resolving the toner issue.

Step 2: Hold the Invisible # Key

Now, here comes the covert part. Within the confines of the cartridge compartment, locate the invisible # key. Hold down this hidden key for 5 seconds. This action triggers the initiation of the reset menu.

Step 3: Navigate the Reset Menu

Upon successfully holding the invisible # key, the reset menu materialises before your eyes. Navigate through the menu options to select the appropriate code corresponding to your specific toner cartridge model.

Step 4: Hit Reset

Having selected the correct code for your toner cartridge, execute the reset command by hitting the designated reset option. This action signals to the printer that the toner has been replenished, effectively nullifying the erroneous toner low message.

Step 5: Tap Clear or Back Button

Ensure a seamless transition by tapping the Clear or Back button on your printer. This action finalises the reset process, clearing any residual messages or prompts.

Step 6: Close the Access Door

With the reset successfully executed, close the cartridge access door securely. This step ensures proper sealing of the cartridge compartment, preventing any potential issues during subsequent printing tasks.

So, when confronted with the persistent message urging to “Change the toner cartridge” or “Install toner,” this covert procedure offers a ray of hope. By simply accessing the cartridge compartment, holding down the invisible # key for 5 seconds, navigating the reset menu, selecting the appropriate code, and executing the reset command, users can effectively override the erroneous toner low message. This discreet manoeuvre not only resolves the immediate issue but also ensures uninterrupted printing operations, empowering users to maintain peak productivity in their office environments.


Navigating the intricacies of printer maintenance can be challenging. By following the steps mentioned above, you can reset the toner easily. Above, we have mentioned the easy steps to reset toner. So, armed with the clandestine procedure unveiled in this article, users of Brother DCP-L5500DN/L5850DW printers can confidently reset their toner cartridges and banish the vexing messages for good. By following the discrete steps outlined herein, users can ensure uninterrupted printing operations and maintain peak productivity in their office environments. Embrace the power of this secret procedure and reclaim control over your printing experience.

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