Unveiling the Power of Basotect™ by BASF: A Symphony of Acoustic Excellence


In the realm of Architectural Acoustics, where sound meets structure, a revolutionary player takes the center stage – Basotect™ by BASF. This article is a deep dive into the melamine foam marvel, exploring its key features, technical data, and the myriad ways it transforms spaces into acoustic sanctuaries. Join us on a journey where sound absorption, fire resistance, and thermal insulation harmonize to redefine the very essence of room acoustics.

The Basotect™ Advantage

Basotect™, the brainchild of BASF, emerges as a versatile acoustic solution with a trifecta of benefits – high sound absorption, fire resistance, and thermal properties. Its open-cell melamine foam structure, available in light grey or white, proves to be a silent maestro in crafting pleasant room acoustics, both in original installations and retrofits.

Technical Data Showcase

Available Foams

  • Basotect® TG
  • Basotect® W
  • Basotect® B
  • Basotect® G+
  • Basotect® UF+

Fire Ratings

Achieving a fire resistance rating up to Class 0, Basotect™ stands as a stalwart guardian, ensuring safety in various applications.

Maximum Dimensions

With dimensions stretching up to 2500mm x 1250mm x 500mm, Basotect™ offers expansive possibilities in architectural acoustics.


Standard UF+ density at 9kg/m3 ensures a delicate balance between lightweight design and robust acoustic performance.

Thermal Conductivity

Boasting excellent thermal conductivity, Basotect™ proves its mettle in contributing to thermal insulation within spaces.

Acoustic Performance

Earning a Class A acoustic performance rating, Basotect™ takes center stage in combating reverberation and echo effectively.

Cutting Tolerance

With a cutting tolerance of 2%, precision meets practicality, allowing for tailored solutions in various applications.

Key Features of BASOTECT™

  • Extremely Cost-Effective: Offering a budget-friendly acoustic solution without compromising on performance.
  • Extremely Lightweight: Facilitating easy handling and swift installations, making it an architect’s delight.
  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity: Not just an acoustic virtuoso, but also a contributor to thermal insulation.
  • Thermoformable: Adaptable to various shapes and forms, unleashing creativity in architectural designs.
  • Easy to Handle and Quick to Install: Streamlining the installation process for efficiency in project timelines.
  • Abrasive: Offering versatility in applications, including abrasion-resistant solutions.
  • Easy to Cut: Customization made simple, allowing for tailored acoustic solutions.
  • Can Be Wrapped and Custom Cut on CNC Machines: Adding a layer of customization for intricate designs.
  • Available with a Range of Faces and Self-Adhesives: Catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and ease of installation.
  • High Fire Performance Perfect for Interiors: Ensuring safety without compromising on style and functionality.
  • Flexible: Adapting seamlessly to various applications, from wall panels to ceiling rafts and baffles.
  • Class A Acoustic Ratings: Setting the standard for superior sound absorption.
  • A Great Solution for Low to High-Frequency Issues: Versatility that addresses a spectrum of acoustic challenges.
  • Panels Can Be Cut to Size to Suit Your Project: Tailoring solutions to the unique needs of every project.
  • Extremely Versatile: Embracing a myriad of applications, from public spaces to intimate environments.

Melamine Foam Circle: A Class A Acoustic Wonder

Melamine Foam Circle, a high-performance open-cell acoustic foam, showcases the prowess of Basotect™ in creating optimal sound environments. With Class A sound absorption, Class O fire classification (non-flammable product), and lightweight qualities, it stands as a testament to ‘best in class’ performance.

Applications of Melamine Foam

  • Public Places: Concert halls, auditoriums, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, offices, places of worship, and community buildings.
  • Effective Sound Absorber: Ideal for reducing reverberation in noisy rooms such as multipurpose rooms, dining areas, and meeting rooms.

Key Features and Benefits of Melamine Foam

  • Class A – Acoustic Performance: Meeting the highest standards in sound absorption.
  • Class O – Fire Classification: Ensuring safety, especially in specific thicknesses.
  • Self-Adhesive Backing: Simplifying installation and enhancing versatility.
  • Used to Reduce Reverberation and Echo: A dedicated solution for creating serene acoustic environments.


In the grand symphony of architectural acoustics, Basotect™ by BASF emerges as the virtuoso conductor, orchestrating a harmonious blend of sound absorption, fire resistance, and thermal insulation. From its technical prowess to the myriad applications, Basotect™ proves to be an indispensable tool for architects and designers aiming to sculpt spaces that resonate with both functionality and aesthetics. Embrace the acoustic revolution with Basotect™ – where every echo finds its purpose, and every room becomes a sanctuary of sound.

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