What is the Umrah Badal?

What is the Umrah Badal?

Umrah Badal refers to one person performing Umrah on behalf of another person. Umrah Badal can be performed for another person. Due to an incurable disease, due to old age, or even for that person, Umrah can be performed who died prematurely. Umrah Badal refers to the practice performed by another person. Those who are unable to perform Umrah for some reason cannot perform Umrah themselves. It is concept that offering one person the memorable opportunity to fulfill religious obligations on behalf of another person. Performed for the spiritual journey of Umrah Badal is generally permissible due to physical disability, old age, an incurable disease or any other legitimate impediment. In Arabic word Badal it is used as substitute.

Performing Umrah Badal is therefore considered as performing Umrah on behalf of another person who is not in a condition to perform Umrah himself. A person performing Umrah Badal with this intention performing the religious obligations of Umrah for that person. With the intention that he will be accepted. His reward will reach this person. Umrah Badal is an act done out of compassion for another. It provides a wonderful opportunity to reap the rewards of Umrah for those who are unable to performing Umrah. Now they too can feel at peace by getting rewards and blessings associated with this spiritual journey of Umrah Badal. We offer Umrah Packages from UK for you to perform Umrah Badal. So, that you can perform on behalf of your loved ones, parents, relatives or anyone else. These packages are of great importance in enabling you to fulfill the religious responsibilities of Umrah Badal.

For whom Umrah Badal can be performed?

A pilgrim who has performed his Hajj or Umrah, and intends to perform it again. So, he can perform Umrah Badal for another person. If you want to perform for Umrah Badal then you can perform this spiritual worship in the month of December because the prices of Umrah packages are reduced in December. To perform Umrah Badal in December you can choose December Umrah packages from Islamic Travel. It is considered a virtuous act and an act of feeling towards others. Which show unity and brotherhood among Muslims. A person perform Umrah Badal should perform the sacred rituals and prayers of Umrah with sincerity. The rites of Umrah include entering ihram, circumambulating the Kaaba, performing Sa’i, and performing the rites or Halq & Taqseer. During the whole process the special intention is for the person on whose behalf he is performing this sacred spiritual journey.  Umrah Badal can be performed for any person who cannot perform it himself due to some reason. It is important to have some information about the people for whom Umrah Badal can be performed.

· Aged people who cannot perform the rituals of this spiritual journey of Umrah due to physical weakness.

· A person suffering from an illness who is unable to travel because his illness makes his journey difficult or dangerous.

· Those who suffer from any physical disability and are not in a condition to perform this spiritual journey.

· People who cannot perform this holy journey due to weak financial conditions.

· Parents, loved ones and relatives who have passed away who could not perform Umrah in their life. Umrah can be performed for them as a form of forgiveness.

· A person who faces legal restrictions that prevent him from entering Mecca.           

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What are the benefits of Badal Umrah? 

Umrah Badal is an additional act that shows their support and understanding for others in performing for the spiritual journey. Performing Umrah Badal for those who cannot perform it due to some legitimate reasons. This is a very important process for all those who feel helpless to perform it. Every step perform during Umrah Badal takes your closer to Allah. On this perform you are also blessed with immense blessings. During this holy spiritual process you get spiritual grace. Umrah Badal expresses love towards others as a feeling and it shows the generosity and dedications of a Muslim. A conscientious Muslim performs this Umrah. It requires skill and there are many benefits of Umrah Badal that you can get aware of.           

· Fulfilling one’s religious obligations   

· it increase of the knowledge gives  the best opportunity

· By this practice one is rewarded with spiritual rewards.

· It provides peace of mind and soul             

Can I perform Tawaf on someone’s behalf?

It is permissible to perform Tawaf and all rituals I Umrah Badal for another person. Fulfilling this religious duty brings a great reward. However, in one the state of ihram, the intention to perform Umrah for one person will not be correct to perform Umrah for more than one person. Umrah will not be perform by this process. The person perform Umrah Badal will make the intention of the name of the person for whom he is performing Umrah. In the same way, he will wear ihram with the same intention.  After this intention, he will perform Umrah Badal without making any other intention. Umrah Badal can be performed for anyone and sincerity is an important part of performing it. It provides a wonderful opportunity to become honorable before Allah.

Final Verdict      

Finally, the most important thing while perform Umrah Badal is the person for whom you are perform Umrah Badal. During this whole journey of Umrah Badal one should pray for that person sincerely as you perform all the rituals of Umrah. Umrah Badal has spiritual significance for Muslims. In Islam, all Muslim men and women are brothers and sisters, Islam encourages us to be brothers and sisters. Brotherhood forms the Muslim community among themselves and presents the concept of unity. Therefore, any Muslim can perform Umrah Badal for another Muslim. However, Umrah Badal can only be performed by a person who has performed Umrah for himself and is aware of the information about Umrah Badal. And can perform all the rituals of Umrah. Umrah Badal will be performed keeping in mind the person for whom you are performing this spiritual worship. You will be rewarded for this realization more than you can imagine. Umrah Badal should be performed for the pleasure of Allah and gain his pleasure.                               

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