What to Gift Your Stoner Partner

The shift in the legal premise around recreational and medical marijuana has precipitated a shift in the definition and perception of stoners. The caricature of dirty, ungroomed, and slow-talking marijuana lovers that the media created and nurtured for many decades is now long gone. Stoners are now everywhere, making all sorts of positive contributions to society. A stoner could be your loving mom, wellness coach, brother-in-law, dance teacher, or even your significant other. 

If your partner appreciates the natural greenery of cannabis, bestowing upon him/her a cannabis-centric gift on any occasion would be immense. It could be on their birthday, end-of-year festivities, your anniversary, or on 420- the favorite holiday of the year for all stoners. Any day is perfect for gifting a cannabis-centric gift to a stoner. 

That being said, which great cannabis-centric gifts can delight your stoner partner? If you need help figuring out where to start, don’t worry. This article will help you navigate the most creative and thoughtful weed-centric gift ideas for all budgets and preferences. Keep reading. 

Gifts Based on Interests and Hobbies Related to Cannabis Use

You can bet on marijuana to take any hobby to new, all-time heights. Some stoners love to hike while high, others love listening to music, some love painting, and others love chilling in a tranquil space as they enjoy the herb. Some stoners enjoy a cocktail of hobbies when high, e.g. painting while blasting music in the background. If you’re close enough to your partner, you definitely know their cannabis journey and which hobbies weed has cultivated/elevated in their life. 

So, which hobbies does your partner enjoy when stoned? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Painting and drawing: The herb has special effects on artistic minds- it sparks new ideas in artists and sometimes helps them to see colors more vividly. If weed awakens your lover’s passion for artistry, there’s a wide variety of gifts that they would truly appreciate. A fresh brush set, a staple gun, a quality sketchbook, a couple of canvases, a quality colored pencil set, a reusable paint palette, a sturdy artist apron, etc. are just a few suggestions.  
  • Listening to music:  Cannabis stimulates all senses, enhances a stoner’s auditory experiences, and heightens their appreciation for good music. As their senses become more acute, a stoner music enthusiast can pick subtle nuances and emotional depths in a song more effortlessly. That’s why you should think of a gift that helps your partner connect with their favorite songs at a deeper level or explore new genres more seamlessly. You can get your partner a Bluetooth speaker that has concert-level sound quality. Other options include a portable sound bar or noise-canceling headphones. 
  • Creating music: Marijuana frees the mind and unleashes a stoner’s inner creative genius. If your partner loves making music when high, gifting them a musical instrument would be a stroke of genius on your part. Think along the lines of an original acoustic guitar, a ukulele starter kit, or a portable keyboard, just to name but a few. 
  • Gardening: Greenery, meditation, and cannabis are a match made in heaven. Stoners love tending to plants as they meditate and bask in the tranquility of gardening. The right set of tools to help your partner in tilling, pruning, weeding, etc. would be great gifts to consider. These include a rake, a fork, a trowel, a grubber, etc. You can also gift them personalized containers & pots to help them expand/improve their gardens. And if they love growing their weed, grow lights and sensors would make for perfect gifts. 
  • Yoga and meditation: As we mentioned above, cannabis and meditation are a match made in heaven. Smokers take their relaxation, mindfulness, calmness, and positivity very seriously, and that’s perhaps why yoga and meditation are so endearing to them. When selecting a gift for your stoner partner who is also a yogi, the best place to start is getting them top-of-the-line yoga mats and activewear. They will truly appreciate your interest in their holistic well-being.

Practical Accessories and Tools

Every stoner loves trying new and innovative ways to enhance their smoking experience. Here are some of the accessories that can give your partner a memorable and enjoyable cannabis journey with customized packaging boxes

  • A smart vaporizer: This accessory ensures optimal release of cannabinoids and terpenes by optimizing the temperature of your partner’s cannabis. The good thing about a smart vaporizer is that users can connect it to their smartphones for customizable temperature control. 
  • Terpene-infused rolling papers: These will help your partner enjoy weed flavors and aromas better with each puff. 
  • Eco-friendly hemp wick: Due to their unfiltered connection to Mother Earth, most stoners are environment-conscious. Gifting your partner this accessory will enable them to light up their herb in the purest form while keeping their carbon footprint in check. 
  • Odor-proof storage: The pungent aroma of weed can sometimes attract unwanted attention from strangers. Gifting your partner an odor-proof storage bag or container will help them keep their stash discreet, which is important for their privacy.
  • Premium glassware: These include hand-blown glass pipes, bubblers, and bongs. With these accessories reaching new heights of craftsmanship, both in terms of intricate designs and innovative percolation systems, only your budget can limit your choices. You can check out this bong collection for inspiration. Be sure to pick glassware that provides smooth, flavorful hits and adds elegance to your partner’s smoking setup. 
  • Portable smoke filters: These accessories trap harmful compounds like tar and nicotine so that smokers can only the flavorful components of the herb. This is a perfect gift for stoners who are cautious about their health but don’t like compromising on flavor and taste. 

Experiences/Outings Related to Cannabis Culture

As the cannabis industry continues to flourish, we are now experiencing a rapid rise in the number of cannabis events and conferences across North America and beyond. These events showcase and promote the cannabis culture as a way of bringing stoners together and demystifying the negative perception surrounding cannabis growth and use. Your partner would most likely enjoy such an outing with fellow marijuana enthusiasts. Some of the outings that you can gift your partner include: 

  • A cannabis conference discussing, for example, the rapid growth of the legal cannabis market in North America. Your lover would be excited to listen to and interact with cultivators, dispensaries, and other stakeholders in the cannabis industry. Check out these cannabis industry conferences that may delight your partner in 2024. 


All days are a perfect time to gift a stoner, especially your stoner partner. The good thing is that stoners are simple people- not complicated at all! Stoners will appreciate any gift remotely related to their hobbies and interests. That means there are plenty of great gift options for you to pick from. Accessories, rolling papers, weed cookbooks- you name it! The list is endless. Of course, don’t forget the weed!

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