5 Best Urdu Novels You Must Read

5 Best Urdu Novels You Must Read

Novel is a fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of realism. Urdu novels are very popular and most read in Pakistan and India. Most of the novel writers are female. Today I am giving you a list of top 10 best urdu novels which you should read. All novels are available in online stores where you can buy in hard copy. But you can also download from this best urdu novels website.

1. Ishq Aatish Novel by Sadia Rajpoot

Ishq Atish is a book that captures one’s interest from the beginning to the end. It beautifully describes the philosophy of life. The book sketches the father-daughter relationship. How Maliha loses her life obeying her father against her love for Wajdan. Then, NoorulHuda and Wujdan develop close relationships with their children as parents. The novel portrays men’s nature of losing hope when he doesn’t get what he has asked for. Besides love and sacrifice, Sadia Rajput has incorporated other various topics like schizophrenia, society’s attitude towards abandoned children, sorrows of past life, repentance, and forgiveness.

This book is recommended to anyone who wants to experience all the emotions that our four main characters (Maliha, Wujdan, Noorulhuda, and Baba Jann) go through.

2. Jannat Ke Pattay Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Janat Kay Pattey was written by our beloved writer Nimra Ahmed. For the first time I have read such a novel which covered many genres. It was a bunch of mystery, suspense, love, teachings, thrill and exotic traveling spots. I just fell in Love with this story and characters. The amazing and magnificent portrayal of Turkey would actually make you add this country to your tourism list. The topic remains as interesting for readers as from its 1st episode to its end.

The title of the novel is very authentic and related to its story.

The story is based on two main characters Haya Suleman and Jehan Sikandar. One side of the story revolves around the topic of “Hijaab” and how one verse of Quran could change Haya’s life forever. The transformation of a modern girl (Haya) to a Naqabi girl was the main essence of this novel. The Other side of the story depicts the life of a spy guy jehan Sikandar and his duty’s severe and harsh demands.

Mr. Suleman has two children, Haya (modern Girl) and Rohail. Rohail has studied in the U.S and Haya has been selected for a scholarship from the European Union and she leaves for Turkey for about five months. The main reason for Haya to apply for this scholarship is jehan because they both were bonded in childhood nikah, which was forgotten.

3. Rooh E Yaram Novel By Areej Shah 

Rooh e Yaram by Areej Shah is a bold romantic urdu novel. Areej has got a lot of fame in such a young age that no one can ever think about that. Her novels show a classic piece of writing about recent issues in our society. Rooh e Yaram shows the story of a underworld don living in Dubai. Sharif is another character of this novel. Wasiq Malik, another notorious person of the underworld is part of this novel.

4. Jageer Janam Novel by Areej Shah

Jageer Janam Novel is written by Areej Shah. Areej Shah is in the hearts of readers because of the beautiful stories she has written. Areej Shah has talked about love in this novel. Jageer Janam Novel is very liked by the readers. In this novel, Areej Shah has told what difficulties can come in the life of lovers and how lovers wait for their beloved.

5. Wahshat E Junoon Novel By Areej Shah

Wahshat E Junoon Novel is written by Areej Shah. Areej Shah has described the feelings of a lover in this novel in such a way that you will be able to understand the character’s feelings while reading it. In Wahshat E Junoon Novel, Areej Shah shows that a boy named Sikandar falls in love with a girl named Heer. Sikandar tells his feelings to Heer what he thinks about her. He says to Heer I love you so much.

Sikandar tells Heer that I am falling in love with you and I want no one else to come in your life except me. He also says that I don’t love everyone but whoever I do, I do it from the heart. Sikandar tells Hare that the feelings I feel seeing you have never come for anyone. He expresses his love to her and says that now only you are mine. 

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